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keskiviikko 20. toukokuuta 2015

Global Sex Ratio Comparison

The sex ratio means the proportion of males and females in a population. I was interested to see which countries have more females than men and which had more men and females. In most of the cases the ratio is 1 so there's approximately 1 male for each female. It was interesting to see the countries where there were substantial differences.

More men than women, Top 10

219 men/100 women, United Arab Emirates
200 men/100 women, Qatar
154 men/100 women, Kuwait
124 men/100 women, Bahrain
122 men/100 women, Oman

118 men/100 women, Saudi Arabia
114 men/100 women, Palau
112 men/100 women, Greenland
110 men/100 women, Bhutan
110 men/100 women, Jordan

Interesting fact is that 7/10 countries in the top 10 are Arab countries. Two countries are totally in their own league, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. They are the only countries in the world where there are twice the amount of men than women.

More women than men, Top 10

84 men/100 women, Estonia
85 men/100 women, Ukraine
86 men/100 women, Russia
86 men/100 women, Latvia
86 men/100 women, Djibouti

87 men/100 women, Belarus
89 men/100 women, Armenia
89 men/100 women, Lithuania
90 men/100 women, Antigua and Barbuda
91 men/100 women, Georgia

Total population sex ratio

Again there's a pattern like in the previous statistic where Arab countries dominated the top 10 of most men in the population. There are 8/10 former Soviet Union states in the top 10, one African state and one Caribbean island state.

More men than women aged 65+, Top 3

182 men/100 women, United Arab Emirates
166 men/100 women, Kuwait
138 men/100 women, Qatar

More women than men aged 65+, Top 3

44 men/100 women, Russia
45 men/100 women, Palau
47 men/100 women, Belarus

The Differences in the younger age groups aren't that big as in the 65+ age group. At birth and under 15 year old's groups the ratio is quite even. Then in the 15-65 age group the differences grow quite much.


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