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maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2015

Peru, Cool Facts #6

5. Ecuador <=                                                                                                                   => 7. Bolivia

1. Cocaine Factory

Half of the world's cocaine is from Peru. This is because of the aggressive eradication efforts in Colombia, where the production of cocaine has decreased. 

2.  The Flag of Peru 

The legend says that it was the flag of the Argentinean freedom fighter San Martin. San Martin had seen flocks of flamingos flying over him with their white chest and red wings and he said look how the flag of freedom greets us. 

3. Pizarro's Conquest 

In 1532 the Spaniards conquered Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire. The conquistador leader Francisco Pizarro had only 168 soldiers, 27 horses and guns against Inca king Atahualpa's 80,000 men. Pizarro managed to conquer Cuzco and 80% of the Inca people died in smallpox in the lack of resistance against the disease. 

4. Inca empire and 2Pac

How are these connected ? In 1572 the last Inca king Tupac Amaru surrendered and he was shot. Peru became then part of the Spanish colony. In 1780 Tupac Amaru II the grandgrandson of Tupac Amaru led a rebellion against the spaniards which was suppressed. In 1971 in Harlem New York Afeni Shakur named her son Tupac Amaru Shakur according to Tupac Amaru II. The world got to know this boy as 2Pac when he became a world-famous rapper.  

5. Center of the Inca Empire 

Peru was the center of the ancient Inca Empire. According to the mythology Manco Capac was the legendary founder of the Inca Empire whose most thriving days were in the 15th century before it collapsed in the 16th century when the Spanish conquistadors came. At its vastest the Inca Empire comprised the current areas of Peru, Ecuador, Southern Colombia, North Chile and North Argentina. 


1532 Spain conquers Cuzco
1542 Peru was renamed as The Viceroyalty of Peru
1572 Last Inca king Tupac Amaru dies
1780 Tupac Amaru II leads a rebellion 
1820 Troops of the Venezuelan Bolivar and Argentinean San Martin free Peru 
1821 Declaration of Independence
1836-39 Peru divided in South-Peru and North-Peru
1863 Spain tries to conquer Peru back 
1879-84 War of the Pacific against Chile 
1941 War against Ecuador
1968 West-wing military junta takes over the power

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