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tiistai 3. helmikuuta 2015

Paraguay, Cool Facts #8

7. Bolivia <=                                                                                                                     => 9. Uruguay

 1. Inequality 

1% of the landowners own 70% of the land suitable to agriculture. 33% of the population lives in poverty. 

2. The Flag of Paraguay

It's the only flag in the world that has a different frontside and backside. The coat-of-arms of the state is on the frontside and the Treasury seal is in the backside. The branches of a palmtree and olivetree in the coat-of-arms represent respect and peace. The star in the coat-of-arms represents the star of May that shone in the sky when the Declaration of Independence was given in May 14th 1811. 

 3. Ethnically Uniform State

The population is ethnically and culturally very uniform. They are descendants of the indian and Spanish people. Nearly everyone speaks both Spanish and Guarani in the country. 

A very interesting dictator of Paraguay between the years 1814-1840. He spoke 5 languages and was one of the two people who had a doctorate degree in Paraguay. He admired the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau's book "The Social Contract" also Robespierre and Napoleon were his role models. He isolated Paraguay from the world trying to create a self-sustaining utopia. De Francia prohibited settlers from Europe marrying each others, only mulattos, mestizos and indians were suitable partners to them. This is how the population got mixed. 

Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia

5. Nazis

After the World War II over 200,000 nazis fled to Paraguay. Alfredo Stroessner was the president of Paraguay between 1954-1989 and he was criticized when he protected the nazis and offered a refuge to Josef Mengele, who was one of the most notorious nazis. The explanation for this might be that Stroessner's father was German and he was in good terms with West Germany and visited there often. Stroessner also gave asylum to other dictators like Juan Peron and Anastasio Somoza. 

Alfredo Stroessner


1500s The Guarani confront the Spanish conquistadors
1537 Paraguay is attached to the Viceroyalty of Peru
1811 Paraguay becomes independent 
1814-40 Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia's dictatorship
1865-70 War against Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay
1932-35 Chaco War against Bolivia
1954-89 Alfredo Stroessner's dictatorship

Maailman maat liput ja historia - Kimmo Kiljunen

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