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sunnuntai 1. helmikuuta 2015

Panama, Cool Facts #3

2. Costa Rica <=                                                                                                            => 4. Colombia

1. First conquistador in Panama

In the early 1500s Vasco Nunez de Balboa was the first conquistador at the area which was populated by the native Chibcha, Choco and Kuna people. Panama's strategic location was understood then already.

2. Panama and Colombia 

Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela were all part of Colombia when they got independence in 1819 after the Spanish left from the continent. 1830 Panama remained a part of Colombia when Venezuela and Ecuador declared themselves independent.

3. Panama Canal 

The construction started in 1907 and it was finished in 1914. USA was in charge of the operation after Theodore Roosevelt had initiated the venture in 1902. France had failed to build the canal in the late 1800s. USA returned the Canal Zone officially to Panama in the end of 1999. USA had after 1977 already co-managed the area with Panama.

4. Panama, a creation made by USA

USA wanted to build the canal but Colombia's conditions were too demanding for USA. The solution was to separate Panama from Colombia. So in 1901 USA occupied Panama and in 1903 it was declared independent. In return Panama handed the control of the Canal Zone to USA.

5. Panama's Flag

The son of the first president Manuel Amador Guerrero designed the flag and his wife sewed it in dangerous conditions, because colombians regarded the family as traitors. The colors of the flag derive from USA:s blue and red colors and they were also colors of conservatives and liberals in Colombia, which were the major parties.


1500s the conquistadors come
1819 Grand Colombia gets independence
1830 Venezuela and Ecuador become independent from Colombia
1880s The French fail in their Canal venture
1901 USA occupation
1903 Panama becomes independent
1907-1941 Panama Canal construction
1981 Omar Torrijos dies in a plane crash, CIA maybe guilty
1989 USA occupies the country and overthrows the president Manuel Noriega

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