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sunnuntai 1. helmikuuta 2015

Costa Rica, Cool Facts #2

1. Nicaragua <=                                                                                                              => 3. Panama

1. From rags to riches 

1719 the governor general said that "Costa Rica is Spain's poorest and most miserable colony in the whole American continent". Nowadays Costa Rica is the wealthiest and most democratic country in Central America. The army has been abolished so there is no fear of the military junta.

2. Zero carbon usage before 2021 

Costa Rica is the model country of sustainable development. It aims to use 0% carbon products in energy production before 2021.

3. The leader in nature conservation areas 

Costa Rica has the biggest percentage of its areas as nature conservation areas, 20% of the whole country. It also banned recreational hunting in 2012 which is also a proof of its nature preserving values.

4. Columbus in Costa Rica

Columbus visited Costa Rica in his 4th trip in the Atlantic and he faced the native Guaymi people. The natives died due to illnesses and battles. Costa Rica was attached to Spain's Central American colony.

5. Costa Rica's social equality 

The formation of big plantases (haciendas) was prevented by legislation and the lack of native population lead to the absence of landless peasants' class. Land ownership conditions and social structure were relatively equal and that was a good basis to develop the country forward.

Read More: 

1821-1838 Costa Rica part of the Central American federation
1838 Costa Rica's Independence
1886 Compulsory education and freedom of religion
1889 Central America's 1th free elections
1919 USA intervention
1987 Oscar Arias Sanchez gets the Nobel Peace Price

Maailman maat Liput ja historia - Kimmo Kiljunen 

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