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tiistai 3. helmikuuta 2015

Bolivia, Cool Facts #7

6. Peru <=                                                                                                                       => 8. Paraguay

1. Bolivia's 37 Official Languages

The Constitution actually recognizes 37 official languages. The biggest language Spanish is spoken by 88% of the population and the biggest native languages are Aymara, Quechua and Guarani. The rest are: 

Araona, Baure, Bésiro, Canichana, Cavineño, Cayubaba, Chacobo, Chiman, Ese Ejja, Guarasuawe, Guarayu, Itonama, Leco, Machajuyai-Kallawaya, Machineri, Maropa, Mojeño-Trinitario, Mojeño-Ignaciano, Moré, Mosetén, Movima and Pac. 

2. Nearly 200 coups and revolutions

During its independence since 1825 Bolivia has had nearly 200 military coups or revolutions.

3. Bolivia's name 

Bolivia got its name from the Venezuelan revolutionary Simon Bolivar. It was the year 1825 when Antonio Jose de Sucre led Simon Bolivar's liberation army to defeat the Spaniards. Bolivia declared independence from the Viceroyalty of Rio de la Plata. Sucre became the name of the capital city.

4. Che Guevara died in Bolivia 

The Argentinean revolutionary leader Ernesto "Che" Guevara died in Bolivia in 1967. With the guidance of CIA Bolivian army captured and executed Che Guevara in Vallegrande near the village of La Higuera.

5. Gate to Hell 

The mining town of Potosi was established in Cerro Rico in the year 1545, because the Cerro Rico Mountain had rich silver deposits which interested Spain. Native people were put to work there and they called Potosi as the gate to hell. Nowadays Potosi is notorious of its use of child labour.


1400s The Inca Empire extends to Bolivia defeating the Aymara people
1530s Francisco Pizarro defeats the Incas 
1825 Independence
1836-39 The Confederation of Peru-Bolivia
1879-84 Bolivia loses Atacama in the War of the Pacific
1903 Loses Acre to Brazil 
1932-35 Loses a big part of Chaco to Paraguay
1952 The native people get the right to vote
1982 Bolivia's last military coup 
2005 First president from the native population, Evo Morales
2009 New Constitution for Bolivia

Maailman maat Liput ja historia - Kimmo Kiljunen

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  1. The picture is from Chile's Pinochet and Chilean, not Bolivian military

    1. True ! Good that you noticed that mistake, I changed the photo now.