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sunnuntai 30. marraskuuta 2014

What languages should you learn ?

I greet you all my loyal worshippers !

In this inspiring post I will tell you which languages you should learn based on different motives. I will also tell my insights about how I choose the languages that I start learning. 

World's 20 most spoken languages

So if you want to be efficient like me and rule the world you should learn some of these most widely spoken languages. Yes even though the universal translating machine will be reality in the coming decades. 

My next languages that I'm learning are chinese, arabic and hindi. I just learned the basics and the alphabets, besides in chinese, it's going to take a while to learn the most used 3000 signs. 

After getting these to a certain level I will start learning french and russian. Honestly spoken, I don't like french, it sounds silly and there's no logic in their way to write. 

But still, my aim is to be conversational in these 10 languages: 


Beneficial languages in business 

My list of the beneficial languages in business are: 

Chinese: this would be pretty useful, since china is already the biggest economy after surpassing US and A the previous world's most magnificent almighty superpower. 

Arabic: there's so much money in the arab speaking region, they usually speak good english, but you could make an impression by speaking arabic. 

Spanish: the whole latin america speaks spanish besides brazil, there are a lot of emerging markets which will grow wildly in the future. 

Russian: especially in europe it's useful to speak russian, they all don't speak that well english compared to other european countries. 

Japanese: one of the languages which is spoken by more than 100 million people but unlike the others, japanese is mainly spoken only in japan and the english fluency isn't super good yet there. 

Hebrew: if you measure the financial power of Israel and jews around the world, you can see that hebrew might be a good tool to get inside their circles and secret societies. Maybe if you know all these languages listed above your chances to get to the "Illuminati" rises xD okey just kidding ! 

I didn't include hindi, french, german or english. English because everyone just has to speak it. I didn't pick hindi because so many people speak english as their first or second language in India. Germans speak english and french because I just don't like the french language and they should learn english :D 

If I want a beautiful wife ?

According to wikipedia the most successful countries in the Miss Universe competitions are

1. USA 8
2. Venezuela 7
3. Puerto Rico 5
4. Sweden 3
5. Brazil 2

This means that you should know english, spanish, swedish and portuguese. This would improve your chances to get a very beautiful wife.

But you have to remember, sometimes it's more romantic not to have a common language and like this you avoid also communicational problems that occur often when people have a common language when they can share their ideas and thoughts together.

I know this stuff, I'm a certified love doctor too ! Don't hesitate to ask any questions about languages or your love life, I will solve all your problems. 

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