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sunnuntai 30. marraskuuta 2014

Beginning of the Journey


Hello World ! 

It has started now, the blog of which the ancient prophecies foretold eons ago. 

And yes... I am "THE CHOSEN ONE" !! 

The future world president who will bring peace back to earth. The chosen one who will balance the force and satisfy all the unsatisfied mafrooms of the world and liberate them in a very intimate way.

So you wonder what is this crazy prophet from the future writing here ? What is this ? What will he write about ? 

While I got a gift from the Holy Ghost to communicate in different languages this blog will be a Lifestyle Blog containing things that I have learned about various languages and cultures but also things that I just happen to like. 

I might also reward all my loyal readers by submitting prophetical videos to YouTube if I get past my fobia of being recorded. 

Here's a list of things I will write about in my blog which will be a Bible for all you language enthusiasts and all other people too. 


World cultures and mythologies

Funny accents and imitations

Humoristic content 

Funny and interesting random stuff

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